Seven Years of Brockley’s Rock

Brockley’s Rock is about to celebrate seven whole years of frying up some of the best fish and chips in the country!

If you’ve eaten our chips, scoffed our calamari or savoured on of our battered cod suppers, you’ll know that Brockley’s Rock is a little bit different to most fish and chip shops in London. For starters, we make sure that all of our cod, haddock and plaice is MSC approved - this means that its sustainable and never over-fished. In fact, Brockley’s Rock was the first chip shop in London to sell MSC certified north sea cod. Take a look at this news article for more information.

We also make sure we offer food that everyone can enjoy. Our gluten free menu is available from Sunday to Thursday, and we launched our permanent vegan menu earlier in the summer thanks to huge customer demand. From vegan battered sausages to vegan “scampi”, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your favourite food now!

Owner Kyri Karoulla hasn’t always been a Brockley resident since he moved to the UK. His first eatery was in Braintree, Essex, and it was here he began his passion for great fish and chips. New to the restaurant business, his great uncle taught him everything he knew from over 40 years in the business and soon, he decided to open his own place.

“I opened my restaurant in Brockley seven years ago because I wanted to be somewhere diverse and multicultural,” says Kyri. “I love the feel of the area. It’s vibrant and exciting and I wanted to be a part of that.”

“In the seven years I’ve been here, it has changed quite a lot. So many new independent businesses have opened, including coffee shops, restaurants and a cocktail bar. It all adds to the buzz.”

There might be a lot of new restaurants and take-aways in Brockley, but there’s still only one Brockley’s Rock. Selling fresh, ethical food has been one of Kyri’s main goals throughout the restaurant’s seven year history.

He’s also been keen to expand the menu to suit seasonal and popular options. As well as adding mackerel baps to the menu after being inspired by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight, Kyri’s homemade fishcakes use different recipes to make the best use of beautiful fresh seasonal salmon, haddock or smoked haddock, and the homemade sauces add an extra level of luxury to what’s traditionally been a quick take-out tea.

So will Brockley’s Rock be expanding in the future? Will other boroughs get to taste the delights of the gluten free menu? Kyri says he’s happy with his restaurant in Brockley for now.

“I love it here in South London and I’m not sure there’ll be any more restaurants. But, I’d love a fish and chip van to sell our menu at festivals and events so watch this space!”